We’re excited you’re getting married! Our goal (and our responsibility) is to help you prepare for marriage by helping you create the right foundations to make it great. Know that God has called your upcoming marriage to a high place. We want it to be all that God has created it to be so that it honors God, blesses others, and is a joy to the both of you.

A wedding at The Valley Church is a process, not just an event. The pastoral staff takes very seriously our responsibility to help marriages be successful. As a result, there are several key expectations we have for couples who want to be married here at TVC:

  • Couples are expected to attend TVC for at least 3 months (3 out of every 4 Sundays). After that, we will meet with the couple, start pre-marital counseling, and plan the wedding ceremony.

  • Couples are expected to complete an 8-week pre-marital counseling session with the TVC pastor doing the wedding.

  • Couples are expected to plan the ceremony in cooperation with the pastor so that it is a God-honoring event.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Those who select to be married at TVC will be required to complete Pre-Marital Counseling series with the pastor doing the ceremony. The classes should begin at least five (5) months prior to the wedding date to allow adequate time for completion. The only cost ($20) for the pre-marital counseling is for an online marriage preparation inventory we ask you to complete.

Scheduling the Ceremony

It is recommended that weddings be scheduled at least six (6) months in advance to secure a date/time that does not conflict with a previously scheduled event. Once the date is approved and the reservation form is completed and turned in with the $100 deposit, your date will be added to the calendar. No date is officially secured until the refundable deposit is received. Checks should be made payable to The Valley Church. Weddings held on Saturdays must start no later than 3:00 p.m. and the wedding party, decorations and guests must be completely out of the building by 5:00 p.m., so we can begin preparing for Sunday morning worship services.

Building Use

  • Wedding Ceremony –  The wedding can be held either in our Gym or in the Main Worship Center (as long as other scheduled church events aren’t taking place). Click here to view and print the wedding fees and reservation form.

    • Rehearsal – The rehearsal will take place in the same space as the wedding and will be coordinated by the pastor doing the ceremony.

    • Rehearsal Dinners – Small, simple dinners can take place in the gym if they are limited to 3 hours or less. An additional fee for a rehearsal dinner will be charged.

    • Receptions – Not available. Because we use these same spaces for Sunday morning worship and need to do an extensive setup, it doesn’t work for receptions to take place at TVC.

    • Changing Rooms – We will provide one changing room each for the groomsmen and for the bridesmaids. These rooms must be cleaned and returned to their original condition.

General Rules & Conduct

The bride and groom are responsible for the conduct of their wedding party and guests. By using TVC’s facilities, you are agreeing to respect the church building and grounds. We ask that you not allow foul language, smoking, alcoholic beverages,  or illegal activities or conduct unbecoming to these facilities which have been dedicated to God. In addition, any music with non-Christian lyrics to be used in the actual ceremony must be approved by the pastor doing the wedding.

Specific Guidelines

Decorating, Practices, Some Limitations and more

  • The couple may make arrangements for admittance to the worship center or gym through the church office or the wedding coordinator (if one is available).

  • Rehearsals or decorating may not preempt any regular church events, including Wednesday evening programs or Thursday evening music practice.

  • Decorations are to be limited to flowers and greenery placed in proper display containers. All floral decorations must be in clean, rust-free, leak-proof containers.

  • No glitter, sprinkles, or confetti is permitted.

  • Candles are to be used only in candelabrum or acceptable containers. Only spring-loaded metal candle holders or a holder with glass votive may be used.

  • We ask that nothing to be attached to the church furniture or building. No nails, tacks, hooks, tape or sticky tack are to be used on the walls or chairs to accommodate decorations. Any unusual decorating request should be cleared with the wedding coordinator.

  • Ministry counters and bulletin boards are not to be covered over, cleared or used for wedding décor. Church furniture in the foyers should not be moved.

  • Furniture or equipment in the foyer or on the platform may not be moved under any circumstances except for the chairs in the middle aisle. Although instruments may not be moved, they may be covered with a light black cloth.

  • Rice or other similar materials may not be thrown or used inside or outside the church facilities. Bubbles must be given to guests at the outside door to avoid blowing bubbles in the foyer. Flower petals may be used on the runner down the center aisle only.

  • For Saturday weddings, the church will generally be available to begin decorating for the wedding as early as Thursday morning. In extenuating circumstances (e.g. funeral), it may not be possible to allow for early decorating.

  • It is strongly suggested that wedding pictures be taken before the wedding ceremony.

  • Usage of the building on the day of the wedding should be limited to six (6) hours and must not extend past 5:00 p.m.


TVC has the following wedding items available for use at no additional cost upon request:

  • Aisle runner


Due to liability, childcare will not be permitted on the premises. This would include the rehearsal and wedding. The nursery will remain locked at all times.