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There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. 

John 15:13-14

October 13, 2019

Welcome to The Valley Church!   

We love guests!

Thank you for joining us today. Every person at The Valley Church was a guest at one time and we know coming to a new church can be intimidating. You are our guest and we want you to feel at home!  

  • Help yourself to coffee or tea from the coffee bar and feel free to bring it with you to your seat.

  • As we sing, feel free to stand, sit, sing along or simply listen.

  • Please fill out the Connection Card as you register and drop it by our First Steps table after the service. We would love to say hello and offer you a gift.

  • We receive an offering but we do not pass offering plates at The Valley Church. Joy Boxes are located in the back of the worship center and in the atrium. If you would prefer to give online, you may visit our website at or give via our The Valley Church App. As our guest, please do not feel pressured - simply enjoy the service.

Parent Paging System – If your child should need you during a worship service, the security number from your guardian receipt will flash on the TV screen at the front. If you see your number, come upstairs to Valley Kids and someone will assist you. Thanks!

Parents with Small Children - A changing table is located in the nursery and a space for nursing mothers provided in the atrium area.. Should you need to be with your child because he/she is ill or will not remain in the nursery, the service will be running on the TV in the atrium.

For Your Family -

  • At The Valley Church we partner with parents to raise the next generation of fully devoted followers of Jesus.

October Series:

Preschool: We want our preschoolers to grow up knowing that they can be brave because God is with them. How awesome would it be if preschoolers began thinking, ‘God can help me be brave,’ when they are afraid to walk into the dentist’s office or talk to a new friend at school. Rather than shy away, they can go for it! And, they don’t even need a cape or a mask! Through the stories of Daniel, Gideon, Miriam, and Hezekiah, our children will learn that God loves them and HE will help them to be brave!

Elementary (K-5): The lights are bright. The world is watching. Do you have what it takes to brave the stage? When you have courage, you can do what you should do—even when you’re afraid.Throughout our lives, God may ask us to take risks or do something we may not feel prepared to do. But God will also give us the courage we need to face that challenge. We see this as Jesus faced death on the cross. He chose to be brave and follow through on God’s plan. Join us for Talent Show as we explore the book of Exodus!

Valley Teens:  Why Jesus? We'll answer four questions: What's the big deal about Jesus? Was Jesus God, or just a good man? Were Jesus' miracles just an illusion? Is Jesus the only way to heaven?

Valley Teens (6th-12th Grade): At the 9:15am service teens are encouraged to serve and/or attend the worship service. We want teens to know that The Valley Church is their church. By being part of worship and serving they take ownership and this often helps them own their faith as they get older!  At 11:00 service, following the worship set, Valley Teens gather at the Troy offices for a time of games, food, and discussion.

Download the Parent Cue! This FREE app gives weekly cues to help parents make the most of their time with their kids. The cues are relevant to each phase of a child's life; infancy to high school. There are resources for tough topics such as bullying and technology management as well as activities that emphasize Sunday's lesson.  Save yourself the time of reading a bunch of books (or feeling guilty that you don't) and let the Parent Cue send relevant resources right to your fingertips.

Campus News

November Sermon Series: Always  

Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives. Find out just how much it matters when you pray. Each week of four-part series, we will learn to pray so that we can come to God with our hopes, fears, anger, and praise, knowing He hears us and wants to draw us near to Him.

Fall Barn Bash: October 26th from 6-9PM.  6-12th grade kids are welcome to gather at Gary & Lisa Clark’s at 4374 St. Rt. 718 in Troy for a Fall Barn Bash! Pizza and pop will be provided. Bring chips or cookies to share!

Set Up/Tear Down Help: We are heading into the homestretch, but there is still work to be done! We are in need of some extra hands to assist with setting up and tearing down in these last few months at The Rec.  Please contact Chrissi Douglas at to offer your help!

Next Steps 

Have you made Jesus the leader of your life? If so, the next step of obedience is to proclaim that publicly through baptism. This is a celebration of your life changed by Christ. If interested, contact Rick Nicodemus ( or stop by the Next Steps table in the atrium.

Life Group Sign-ups!: Life Groups are small groups of people who join together for connection, serving, and to grow in their faith journey. We believe that circles are better than row and life is better connected. To get connected, check out the list of groups in this bulletin, meet the leaders in the atrium and sign up today. There is a group for everyone! If you have questions, please email Pastor Rick (

Baptism Sunday - Nov 10: Baptism is an outward act of obedience that represents an inward  change that only comes when Jesus is the leader of your life. If you have chosen to follow Jesus, and you are ready to take the next step of being baptized, please indicate 'baptism' on the back of your Connection Card and someone will contact you. We ask that those being baptized complete an eight-week Bible Study called the Journey in preparation for that day. For questions you can contact Pastor Mark at

Contact info

Physical Address: 10 N. Market St. Troy, OH 45373   

Campus Phone: 937-703-1478

Website:       E-mail:   @tvctroy