The Valley Church believes that every follower of Jesus is called to become a missionary, going where God sends them and doing what He asks them to do. Some will go across the room or across town while others may end up in a different state or even a different country. It may be as simple as encouraging a neighbor to come to church or sharing who Jesus is with a friend going through a hard time. It may also be as involved as starting a new work to reach out and share God's good news in a unique way.

The Valley's emphasis is helping people find Jesus and begin living for Him. We then encourage each new believer to personally answer God's call on their lives and go find their mission field. Whatever they do, we believe the end result of missions must be lives changed through Jesus Christ.

Most often our "missionaries" aren't part of established mission projects coordinated by TVC. We prefer to help people find God and then release them into their families, neighborhoods, workplaces and the rest of the world to make a difference as God directs them.  However, some from The Valley do become involved in established local mission projects like the Bethany Center, Piqua Compassion Network, Compassionate Care, Grief Recovery and others. In addition, several overseas mission teams are raised each year by TVC and sent (along with project money) to help build the church in countries like Honduras, Peru and Cuba.

Every one of us is called to be a missionary....lets each find our place and get started.