Children’s Summer Camps 2019

Middler Camp
July 21-24
3rd or 4th Grade completed
$110 if paid to church before June 24

Primary Camp     
July 24-26
1st or 2nd Grade completed
$75 if paid to church before June 24    

Pre-teen Camp
July 28-31
5th or 6th Grade completed
$110 if paid to church before June 24

Step 1: Sign up below or at the table outside of AdventureLand.

Step 2: Pay for the camp by making a check payable to TVC and placing in the Joy Box (please include camp & child’s name) OR pay online here.

Step 3: Register on the official camp website here. Scroll down until you see the Register button under the appropriate camp. Be sure to choose Register Now/Pay Later so that you will get TVC’s pricing.

What to Do:

  • Daily activities & games

  • Daily cabin/devotional time

  • Daily worship service

  • Swimming pools

  • Bonfire pit

  • Gagaball pit

  • Skit night

  • Lots of fun!

What to Bring:

  • Modest clothing & active ware

  • One-piece swim suit w/covers

  • Bedding & pillow

  • Toiletries & personal items

  • Shower supplies

  • Bible & notebook/pencil

What not to Bring:

  • Cell phones

  • Mp3 players / iPods

  • Tablets / iPads

  • Video games

  • 2-way radios

  • Whatever isn't allowed in school

Camp Rules:

  • Be safe. Do not intentionally harm yourself or others, or put yourself in harms way. 

  • Be respectful. Use appropriate words to other campers and the campgrounds staff. 

  • Be responsible. Follow the schedule and participate with the group at all times. 

  • No boys can go in girls' rooms, no girls can go in boys' room. 

  • Take care of camp property and equipment. Fines for damage are $100 plus cost of repairs.

  • The camp has a lice and nit free requirement. Please make arrangements with Stacy Geist to have a head check prior to camp.

  • All medications must be in the original container.


Stacy Geist

Call or text: 937-541-1553

Email: sgeist0@gmail.com