Are We There Yet?


Are We There Yet? – New Message Series

That’s the question anyone on a road trip has asked or has been asked countless times. We know we left home a long time ago and we hope we are near the destination – we want to arrive! However, all we know at the moment is that we are somewhere between our starting point and the destination. The same is true of many of our journeys in life: parenting, marriage, making an impact in the world, or even learning how to control the most difficult of emotions. We are living between the tensions of having started the journey while knowing we are not where we need to be. In this sermon series, we will discover that although you never really arrive, you can take dramatic steps toward your desired destination by discovering and living out God’s plan for family life.

4/28/2019 Parenting: Keeping Your Hand on the Flywheel

5/5/2019 Marriage: It’s All about Love & Respect

5/12/2019 Legacy: Making an Imprint

5/19/2019 Anger: Wrecking Ball for the Family