Acts - All In to Go All Out

The Book of Acts is the real story of what happened after Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into heaven. It reveals a resurrected Jesus sending the Holy Spirit to be with us and empowering his followers to spread the good news that salvation had come for everyone. However, The Book of Acts is more than just history. It is ultimately meant to compel each of us to be passionate witnesses for Christ until He returns. During this four-week series, you will discover what it means to be All In to Go All Out as we unpack lessons learned from the early Church that we can apply to revolutionize our church today.

The four sermons are:

Week 1 – August 25

Title: Kingdom Come

Subject: Witnessing for the Messiah
Scripture: Acts 1:1-11
Focus: Power for a Purpose
Purpose: That people would use the power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of God’s saving act on the cross and bring Heaven to earth

Week 2 – September 1

Title: Filled & Spilled

Subject: Being filled with the Spirit to experience the Kingdom ourselves spill out Kingdom Power & share Jesus
Scripture: Acts 2:1-13
Focus: Letting everyone know that Jesus is the Messiah
Purpose: That people would experience the power of the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with others

Week 3 – September 8

Title: Unstoppable

Subject: Resurrection
Scripture: Acts 2:22-28
Focus: The resurrection shows Jesus is the true Messiah – it’s the game-changer
Purpose: Our people would realize the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the grave is within them as we reach the world (song: The Same Power)

Week 4 – September 15

Title: United

Subject: Believers united together in life & mission
Scripture: Acts 2:42-47
Focus: We are all to live & work together to share the gospel and bring the Kingdom to this world
Purpose: Our people would connect with other believers in life and mission